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American Cancer Society Supports Renewed Efforts to Ban Smoking on NJ Public Beaches

Democratic lawmakers in New Jersey have renewed efforts to ban smoking on public land throughout the state. While several states already have executive orders in place banning smoking on certain public properties, the New Jersey proposal, S-1734, could be the most far-reaching of its kind nationwide, extending the ban to all state, county and municipal properties, with the exception of parking lots and public golf courses. Read Story

Compassion & Choices' "Right to Die" Bill

Star-Ledger's Editorial "The right to choose death" editorial talks about Porzio Governmental Affairs' client, Compassion & Choices' "Death with Dignity" bill. As Assemblyman Jon Burzichelli fights to make New Jersey the fifth state to legalize physician-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, the argument is that for those chronically ill patients suffering unbearable pain, choosing how to end one's own life should be a fundamental human right. Read Story

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