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Physician Assistants Among Health Care Providers who Can Perform Student Physicals

For the New Jersey State Society of Physician Assistants (NJSSPA), Porzio Governmental Affairs secured the inclusion of physician assistants among the health care providers who can perform the now mandatory pre-participation physicals for students playing intramural or interscholastic sports as part of the Student-Athlete Safety Act. Further, the NJSSPA is among the organizations authorized to display the training module for the physicals on their website.

Removal of Mandate Dictating that Health Insurance be a Prerequisite to College Enrollment

Porzio Governmental Affairs ("PGA") has a long-standing relationship with the Council of County Colleges, an entity that represents all of New Jersey’s 19 community colleges. Over the years, PGA has worked to position this sector before the legislature and key individuals and entities within the executive branch, building strong relationships and establishing a feeling of mutual trust and good will. Formerly, if a prospective student did not have health insurance, the institution had to offer him or her a plan provided through the college. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the bare bones policies offered by the colleges are no longer an option. Having to buy an expensive health insurance policy would force many potential community college students to skip college enrollment. PGA was able to secure the passage of legislation that removed the mandate that all full-time students at the State's institutions of higher education have health insurance as a term of enrollment.

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