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Repealed Law Eliminates Consumer Data Collection Requirements on Certain Gift Cards

Governor Chris Christie had previously signed into law legislation to escheat gift card balances to the state after two years of inactivity. Through this arrangement, gift card companies would be required to gather personal consumer data at the point of purchase in order to track the funds for the purposes of collection. After over nine months of effective lobbying as part of a broad coalition of retailers and gift card companies, Porzio Governmental Affairs, on behalf of MasterCard Worldwide, was able to encourage the repeal of this law in February 2015, one month prior to the law's original impending deadline.

Reform of New Jersey's Bail System

On behalf of the American Civil Liberties of New Jersey (ACLU-NJ), we advocated for fundamental reform of our criminal justice system which culminated in the passage of the Constitutional question on bail reform on the November ballot, shifting the state's system for releasing prisoners prior to conviction, from one based on money, to one based on risk. The ACLU thanked Lynn Nowak for "providing critical information, opening the right doors and helping the ACLU to point its advocacy in strategic directions throughout the process."

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