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At Porzio Governmental Affairs, we are committed to ensuring that our clients understand, prepare for and adapt to the fluid political landscape. We create opportunities for represented entities to take proactive positions on the issues that impact their interests.   With strategic guidance, we connect our clients to key government leaders.  Together,  we shape the laws and regulations that affect our clients' ability to succeed in the marketplace, in their professions and in advocating for their mission.

Partnering with Porzio Governmental Affairs is an investment in the health of your organization.

Our History & Service Commitment

Since its launch in 2006, Porzio Governmental Affairs ("PGA") has established a distinguished track record of achieving client goals throughout various industries.  PGA's professionals have decades of substantive experience in New Jersey's governmental public affairs arenas and a deep network of contacts at the local, state and federal levels.  Our staff will work tirelessly to help you anticipate and manage your next political, legislative or regulatory challenge.  By providing access to key decision makers and timely data, we offer our clients the political and legislative presence that is critical to goal achievement.

The offerings of Porzio Governmental Affairs are well complemented by the services of its parent company, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C. (“Porzio”). Porzio attorneys have a wealth of experience counseling clients on such government-related issues as compliance with NJ ELEC regulations, pay-to-play rules, campaign and election laws, environmental and land use regulations, FDA and other statutory schemes, and state and federal statutory and constitutional analysis.

Porzio Governmental Affairs is the second ancillary business of the Morristown-based law firm. In 2004, Porzio created Porzio Life Sciences, LLC to provide sales and marketing compliance solutions to the life sciences industry.

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