Our Service Commitment

Ensuring that our clients play an active role in shaping the laws, regulations and other government actions that impact their interests. This is the central mission of Porzio Government Affairs.

We understand the political climate and the issues and, with this insight, we open doors to position our clients to achieve their goals.

Policy Savvy. Companies and advocacy organizations in New Jersey come to PGA knowing that we offer not merely access but deep knowledge of public policy – acquired in the course of decades working on legislative and regulatory affairs both inside and outside government. We know inside-out the dynamics and processes involved in developing legislation and regulations, and we have extensive knowledge of the industries and subject matter areas that are most important to our clients.

Bipartisan. PGA’s team includes members who have served on both sides of the political aisle, in state government and local governments in New Jersey, in legislative as well as executive positions. This signficant government expertise gives our clients the strategic know-how to help realize beneficial policy, legislative and regulatory outcomes.

Strategic Planning. While we can respond quickly to urgent requests for legislative and regulatory counsel and lobbying, the best results come from careful planning. We begin by developing a strategic vision, working with our clients to outline and target goals. We review and update each strategic plan regularly – to maintain momentum and advance our clients’ objectives.

Legal counsel. The PGA team has ready access to the lawyers of Porzio, Bromberg and Newman – to advise on and navigate the full range of legal questions and issues that arise for our government relations clients.

Industries served. Our team advises and lobbies for clients in numerous sectors, including health and human services, technology and telecommunications, the environment and land use, criminal justice, gaming and tourism, agriculture, and education, among others.

Our History

Since its launch in 2006, Porzio Governmental Affairs ("PGA") has established a distinguished track record of achieving client goals throughout various industries.  PGA's professionals have decades of substantive experience in New Jersey's governmental public affairs arenas and a deep network of contacts at the local, state and federal levels.  Our staff will work tirelessly to help you anticipate and manage your next political, legislative or regulatory challenge.  By providing access to key decision makers and timely data, we offer our clients the political and legislative presence that is critical to goal achievement.

The offerings of Porzio Governmental Affairs are well complemented by the services of its parent company, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman P.C. (“Porzio”). Porzio attorneys have a wealth of experience counseling clients on such government-related issues as compliance with NJ ELEC regulations, pay-to-play rules, campaign and election laws, environmental and land use regulations, FDA and other statutory schemes, and state and federal statutory and constitutional analysis.

Porzio Governmental Affairs is the second ancillary business of the Morristown-based law firm. In 2004, Porzio created Porzio Life Sciences, LLC and eventually to provide sales and marketing compliance solutions to the life sciences industry. Following the success of these businesses, Porzio launched Porzio Compliance Services, LLC, a company dedicated to consulting, counseling, and ensuring that our clients establish and maintain compliance to minimize risks.

Our Team


Unparalleled Expertise

Porzio Governmental Affairs was again named one of the top New Jersey lobbying firms.

With decades of successful experience representing clients across numerous industries, PGA has the knowledge and the network required to accomplish each customer's unique goals.