Porzio Governmental Affairs Coordinates Microstamping Technology Demonstration on Behalf of Client Brady United Against Gun Violence


On June 14th, New Jersey Acting Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin, Senate Majority Leader M. Teresa Ruiz, and Brady United Against Gun Violence held a live demonstration of microstamping technology, a cutting-edge forensic technology used for tracing bullet casings to the firearm that they were discharged from. Todd Lizotte, one of the co-inventors of microstamping, demonstrated the technology. The New Jersey legislature is currently considering a bill, S1462/A2216, that would implement microstamping technology for newly manufactured semi-automatic pistols sold in the state. Only two states in the country, California and New York, have passed microstamping laws. The demonstration occurred at the Newark Police Department shooting range on Delancey Street in Newark, NJ. 

Working on behalf of Brady United Against Gun Violence is Porzio Governmental Affairs’ Lynn Nowak and Dr. Rebecca Lubot. Dr. Lubot orchestrated the highly successful live demonstration that attracted considerable media attention. 

About Microstamping Technology:

Microstamping technology uses lasers to imprint unique markings onto the tip of a firing pin and/or breech face of a firearm. These markings include specific information about the gun, much like a serial number. This information is then stamped onto the bullet casings so when the gun is fired, law enforcement can connect the bullets to the identifying information about the gun. Microstamping technology will enable law enforcement to match bullet cartridges found at crime scenes directly to the gun that fired them; similar to how law enforcement can use an automobile’s license plate to identify the vehicle’s make, model, VIN, and registered owner.

For more information, visit: https://www.bradyunited.org/fact-sheets/firearm-microstamping.