Coalition Building

An effective coalition stems from a foundation of common interest.  Porzio Governmental Affairs is a leader in coalition building efforts because we spearhead a hands-on, proactive approach tailored to each client's specific needs.

Drawing upon our cultivated network of industry leaders while forging new relationships, PGA develops  unique and often creative alliances to ensure that our clients are poised for a successful resolution.

PGA has the access, means and knowledge to recruit like-minded individuals and guide all parties to a united cause.  We clearly define the shared objective in order to drive focus, then coordinate the activities and communication efforts to meet the established goals.

We craft platforms for the coalition members to speak with a united voice; sharing access to policymakers while protecting the interests.

PGA strategically shapes coalition leaders and works together to develop and implement a plan, then manages these alliances beyond the life of the initial campaign for continued, on-going success.

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