Governor Murphy's Executive Orders

March 28, 2020

Official New Jersey COVID-19 website:


Executive Order 111 - Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Directing Health Care Facilities to Report Data, Including PPE Inventory and Bed Capacity, On a Daily Basis


Executive Order 110 –  Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Requiring Child Care Centers Close on April 1 Unless Serving Children of Essential Workers.


Administrative Order issued by the NJ Director of Emergency Management identifying additional Essential Retail Businesses


Executive Order 109 –  Governor Murphy Suspends All Elective Surgeries, Invasive Procedures to Preserve Essential Equipment and Hospital Capacity


Executive Order 108 – Governor Murphy invalidates any county or municipal restriction that in any way will or might conflict with any of the provisions of Executive Order No. 107.


Executive Order 107 – Governor Murphy directs all residents to stay at home until further notice.


Executive Order 106 – Governor Murphy Enacts Moratorium on Removals of Individuals Due to Evictions or Foreclosures


Executive Order 105 – Governor Murphy

Announces Changes to Upcoming New Jersey Elections in Response to COVID-19


Executive Order 104 – Governor Murphy Announces Aggressive Social Distancing Measures to Mitigate Further Spread of COVID-19 in New Jersey.


Executive Order 103 – Governor Murphy declares a State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency, effective immediately.


Executive Order 102 –  Governor Murphy Signs Executive Order Establishing Coronavirus Task Force





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