Porzio Governmental Affairs Barbara DeMarco Appointed to Board of Directors of Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce has announced that Porzio Governmental Affairs Barbara DeMarco is one of seven new members joining its Board of Directors. DeMarco will serve as an Executive Board Member and Co-Chair of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce Policy and Economic Development Committee where will she focus on opportunities to grow and diversify the economy in Atlantic County and develop public policy that focuses on a “Clean and Safe Atlantic City,” as well as expanding Infrastructure, Job Training/Retraining, as well as funding for both Community Development Corporations and attracting national conventions to the South Shore area of the State.

Legislative and Budget Activity

August 23, 2022 In the Statehouse, our team was working to ensure that the State’s $50.6 billion FY 2023 budget included key provisions that would increase access to higher education at county colleges, expand services for people with disabilities, fund services for students with disabilities, and increase access to cancer screenings and research. Our team worked alongside and on behalf …

Executive Order No. 271 – Vaccination or Testing Requirement for Employees of State Contractors

October 26, 2021 – Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 271 (the “Order”) on October 20, 2021, which requires new and potential state contractors to demonstrate that all of their employees (whether full-time or part-time) who enter, Pursuant to the Order, each executive department and agency must ensure that the contracts or agreements that it enters into include a clause that the contractor or any subcontractors, at any tier, that is party to the contract, must maintain a COVID-19 vaccination/testing policy.