Government Relations

Porzio Governmental Affairs ensures that our clients play an active role in shaping the laws, regulations and other governmental actions that impact their unique interests. Our lobbying services are successful because we understand the political climate and the issues that drive the process.

We begin by developing a strategic vision. From there, we open doors and build alliances to position our clients to achieve their goals.

Our Government Relations services include:

Business Development: We understand our clients’ needs to explore new venues for expansion throughout their growth and evolution. We work closely with our clients to identify potential business opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

Lobbying: Whether monitoring the process or actively engaging the legislature or administration officials, PGA's experienced governmental affairs agents have the experience, access and track record to help their clients succeed. Our team lobbies in numerous areas, including health and human services, technology and telecommunications, the environment and land use, criminal justice, gaming and tourism, agriculture, education and general business strategy.

Strategic Planning: We work with our clients to outline and target goals and periodically update each strategic plan to maintain momentum and support our clients’ objectives.

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